State-of-the-art Technology for Treating Foot Pain

EPAT, or Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology is a form of shockwave therapy that has been FDA-approved to treat chronic and acute forms of heel pain. The most common foot conditions that EPAT treats include plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and heel spurs; however, this non-invasive therapy can be used to effectively alleviate pain for a variety of different soft tissue problems.

How EPAT Works

We will first apply an ultrasound gel to the area of your foot that we are treating. Then using a handheld device, your podiatrist will transmit low-frequency sound waves to your foot, which will target the deep tissue. These sound waves will stimulate healing and promote circulation and better blood flow. The average length of treatment is about 15 minutes and we typically recommend four treatments over the course of four weeks; however, this treatment plan may change depending on your condition.

EPAT Benefits

Unlike surgery and other treatments to alleviate heel pain, EPAT boasts a variety of benefits. You will not need anesthesia and no incisions will be made during the course of this therapy so you don’t have to worry about a recovery period or any side effects. Plus this is non-invasive so the procedure won’t be painful and it can be performed outpatient so you won’t have to stay overnight. Most patients will be able to return to their daily activity within one to two days of treatment.

EPAT Results

Patients will notice significant pain relief after the third treatment; however, some patients may experience a reduction in symptoms after only one session. While most patients will only need four treatments, if you aren’t experiencing a noticeable improvement after three sessions we may recommend two more treatment sessions.

EPAT Candidates

Those with common soft tissue injuries in the foot are good candidates for EPAT; however, if you have deep venous thrombosis, are taking blood thinners or are currently pregnant, we do not recommend this therapy.

We also advise patients who are getting EPAT not to take anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil or Aleve for two weeks prior to their treatment and for about four weeks after. However, we will provide you with extensive post-treatment instructions.

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