How We Can Help You Deal With Your Foot Pain

Are you suffering from foot pain in Ellicott City, MD, and want help from a professional you can trust? Dr. John Murphy of Maryland Podiatry Center can help by providing the kind of treatment that you need to stay on your feet. We can treat all of the conditions below using various treatment methods that help to walk you back from the brink of a painful existence.

Sprains – We Can Help! 

Ankle sprains impact many people every day and can be pretty painful to manage. Thankfully, our therapists can help by providing a cast that keeps your foot strong. We can also repair torn ligaments surgically if your sprain worsens at any time.

Bunions – Our Team Can Provide Relief

Bunions cause intense foot pain that Ellicott City, MD residents deserve to avoid. We can help by properly aligning your big toe joints to minimize swelling and other common concerns. In addition, physical therapy and pain management may help, though surgery may also be necessary for some.

Flat Feet – How We Treat This Issue

Flat feet are a painful condition that occurs if your arch doesn’t develop properly as a child. Without this supporting element, you may experience a lot of pain. Thankfully, our surgeons can help provide you with the support you need in various ways.

Hammertoes – Let Us Help You

When you suffer from hammertoe, you can experience intense deformity in your feet and a high level of pain that may become unbearable. Our surgeons can help restore your toes to their natural position and minimize any pain you might otherwise experience.

Diabetes – Don’t Let This Condition Worsen 

People with diabetes often suffer from foot-related health issues that may create necrotic flesh and the loss of digits. With our help, you can manage this problem by using various exercises and treatments that minimize tissue loss and keep you safe and secure.

Other Conditions – Our Comprehensive Therapy Can Help 

If you suffer from heel spurs (plantar fasciitis), corns, calluses, Athlete’s foot, arthritis, or other painful problems, our crack team of podiatrists will do what they can to help. Therapy varies from high-quality pain management techniques and even surgery for more severe problems.

Let Us Help You Recover 

Do you have terrible foot pain in Ellicott City, MD, and need someone who can help? Dr. Murphy of Maryland Podiatry Center can give you the recovery help that you need. With his help, you can diagnose the source of your pain, find a care method, and get the high-quality help required to stay strong and healthy. Call us at (410) 992-8504 to learn more about us.

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